flow-meterTM has many years’ experience in the field of medical devices, with a constantly improving sales performance due to progressive technical development of our devices. Our products are continually being modified, improved and updated in response to the demands and indications of the market. However flow-meterTM has also recognized that, in order to be really revolutionary in engineering, it is necessary to bring new products to the market. We therefore aim to offer evolutions of existing products, or new technical solutions, before demand for them actually arises. In our opinion, this philosophy of an engineering revolution can be expressed in three main principles of project development and technical management: the ability to be innovative in the projects, the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the constant application of intelligent design in order to obtain products which have a distinctive style and ergonomic shape while fully conforming to all safety requirements. We gave a name to this way of thinking: Easy, and all the new products presented here follow this philosophy.





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